Who stole my bananas?


My morning routine goes a little like this..

  • Husband up for work at 6.45am doing his very best to be quiet (personally I think a baby elephant would be quieter)
  • I stir in bed anxiously trying to get a few more Z’s but think climbing Everest would be less challenging
  • Husband sees my eyes flicker and starts a full blown important conversation – are you serious?
  • I grunt my reply and turn my back to try to go back to sleep
  • He leaves and I’m wide awake..

This is no bad thing because I need to be up and in my routine.. My routine that consists of coffee, followed by exercise followed by browsing social media sites both personal and Business, followed by move from bed to kitchen/office to sit at my laptop ready for the day’s work.  At that kitchen table I listen to the birds outside, watch the neighbour’s cats chase each other, observe the workmen through the trees banging their tools in unison and do my best to be creative in my paradise.  Sometimes that’s easier said than done as I drift off into a world of my own reminiscing about family and friends and the life we left behind 6 months ago..

I stare at my banana tree and suddenly realise that my bananas are gone.. This is a travesty, there is a banana thief in the vicinity.. Hang on Lisa, you’ve never once plucked a ripe banana from that tree so why am I so concerned?

The point I am trying to make is if something is right under your nose and you do not seize the opportunity then someone else will.. Do I care that the bananas are gone? No, as I don’t really believe they were ever mine.. What I do care about is taking that moment to truly see what is around you.  My life was so hectic before our move that I didn’t see what was right under my nose until it was gone.  I have all the time in the world now so have no excuse not to absorb, appreciate and utilise the opportunities that are presented before me. Don’t get so consumed in your life that you don’t see what is around you, as before you know it, those bananas you never had, will be gone..


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