Day 1 Blogging Challenge!

So I’m pretty excited to be attempting to participate in the Blogging 101 challenge.. I’ve written a few blog posts but these have been mainly about our move from the UK to Thailand.. Well, that’s why I decided to write a blog in the first place I suppose, to keep family and friends updated on our new adventure, progress, new life and what we have planned moving forward.. Now, I’d really like to find a subject for my blog that will be classed as useful, enjoyable and I’ll admit it, I’d love to get more followers, comments and interaction in the blog community – I’m aware it takes two to tango so will commit to making time to get to know my fellow bloggers too.. What would success look like for me? Gosh, it would be amazing to be asked to guest blog (I’ve done one and felt amazing and very proud).

I’m Lisa by the way, 40 years old and I live in the future, 6 hours to be precise as I live in beautiful Thailand.. This is going to be a short and sweet post as I’m about to turn into a pumpkin so I’ll sign off for today’s challenge and look forward to tomorrow’s!

Back to school at 40..

Back to School

So tomorrow I go back to school.. Words I thought I would never utter in my life again after leaving 20 years go.. Thinking about it though, isn’t life just one big classroom of school? Afterall, every day is a school day isn’t it?  Where we learn something new each day…  I love learning, I have a hunger for knowledge but I suppose the main difference is that this learning is in my own time, my own choice from the comfort of my home, the beach, swimming in the sea.. The school I’m talking about is the real deal, physically sitting in a classroom with strangers, just like going back in time but with a whole new plethora of experience and skills..  I’m excited and a little apprehensive.  I’m learning Thai which is fantastic since I’m living in Thailand but kind of remember my inability to pick up a foreign language when I was in school the first time around..

I’ve been visualising the classes, what to expect and hope that my eagerness to learn will stand me in good stead – having been here for nearly 9 months I’m slightly embarrassed that I only know a handful of words and couldn’t hold a conversation outside of ‘how are you?’ What has helped my focus is a set of success steps that I apply to any situation, the LIPSTICK Principles from The Leading Ladies Company – this strategy allows me to segregate and apply the relevant principle, setting out my goal in a clear and concise manner.  The principle I apply here is No 6 ‘Invite Others In’ because if I didn’t I’d struggle to achieve my goal of learning Thai.. I need the support of others to be successful, thrive in this new challenge and when you invite others in, a whole new outlook appears.. People wanting you to be successful, to win, to achieve, to be happy.. You are held accountable for the goal you want to make happen – if you told no one what you were planning would you really put all your time, effort and focus into it?  Having a network of supporters gives you the confidence and courage to go on, even when you think you are treading water (trust me it works, I apply this to my learning to ride a scooter!)  The days when you feel you are just not ‘getting’ it to confide in your supporters helps tremendously – imagine carrying the pressure of it all by yourself?  That’s just a recipe for giving up and that would just make you unhappy!

I’ll keep you posted on my lessons, I know this will be a challenge which I am ready to face head on and now I have invited all of you in I have no excuse but to grab it with both hands and make it happen!


Khun Lisa. xx

Which is more valuable? Money or Time?

This week we’ve spent a lot of money from our hard earned savings, not frivolously I may add but to secure our home in Thailand for the next 12 months.  Personally I think its a small price to pay for peace of mind knowing that we have another year in our paradise.. I cannot believe we have been here for 8 months already and when I look back over the last 8 months, what we have achieved, the brave step we took, I feel slightly overwhelmed that we actually followed and are living out our dream.

The value that we put on money is just a number, isn’t it? I mean do we ever measure our money against the time we use to spend it.. When was the last time you said ‘I spent £50 today and I got 6 hours of joy and fun from it?’ I would probably guess its a likely assumption you don’t do that.. And if you do, then you like me, value time more than money..  I may sound a little philosophical with what I am about to write but hey ho, here goes.. When I hit 40 last year I’m not sure if something switched in my brain, a switch that gives you appreciation of everthing you have in life.  You may think I’m lucky living in a beautiful country, having the beach on my doorstep (which by the way I’m frequenting more often these days due to the appreciation switch), a wonderful husband who supports me and an amazing set of friends, I definitely don’t see this as luck – this was time that brought these precious things to me, not money – food for thought?

images (2)

Money cannot buy happiness, although it can be disguised as happiness in many instances.. I rarely say I’ve had a great day due to money.  I’ve had a great day because I’ve spent quality time with the people I  love and the places I’ve been too.. I feel blessed that I wake up every day with good health and time to live my life and those things don’t come with a price tag attached to them do they?

I haven’t gone crazy and thrown caution to the wind, I worry about money just like you do but I have disciplined myself to stop worrying as I have a life to live, one life to live and I want to ensure that I make the most of it and do the things that I have always dreamed of.. Life ain’t no rehearsal, you only get one shot at it so live the life you love..


Dare to do the seemingly impossible?


Many years ago when I worked in the Retail Sector of my former Company, I’d look forward to our annual conference as it was a fantastic opportunity to see my colleagues and understand our Business strategy for the year ahead. We’d have workshops, team building sessions, a black tie dinner & award ceremony topping the night off with a good old party to celebrate. I remember a particular conference in Brighton like it was yesterday – why? Because that was the year I walked over hot coals..

It was the last session of the day and we had an inspirational speaker whose energy was infectious. When he told 300 Managers we would be going out of the hotel and across the road to the beach to firewalk you could feel the room fill with excitement, apprehension, laughter at disbelief and a little bit of panic. I remember saying to a colleague ‘I’ll give it a go’ but really thinking ‘holy moly, what if I get burnt?’ We were given our brief and marched across the road onto Brighton beach where the scene of fire and hot coals emerged..

Orderly queues were formed and the fun began, as I watched my colleagues ahead of me completing their firewalk, I thought this is something really special as I could see their faces light up with the sheer shock and elation that they had actually done it. It came to my turn and I remember the atmosphere was filled with screams of support, encouragement and people I didn’t even know were shouting my name psyching me up to go for it.. I took a deep breath and set off across the bed of hot coals.. 1.. 2.. 3.. 4.. feet in bucket of cold water and a small bottle of champagne was handed to me to congratulate me on what I had just achieved.. I mean, really? Hot coals? Me?

I can only describe the experience as the ultimate high, adenaline was pumping so hard, just the fierce exhilaration of the challenge.. I called my husband but he couldn’t understand a word I said as I was screaming so much down the phone at what I had just done.. It felt good, no, it felt fantastic! Wow!

I feel proud to say I’ve walked on hot coals – the experience was simply amazing!

The Leading Ladies Company and Ignite Firewalking are holding an event in Manchester on 13 April – dare you do the seemingly impossible?

Think I’ve become a lady of leisure..


Or I’ve just become smarter with age.. You see I still have a job to do, 3 hours a day or if I need a day off I add those hours to the next day as I have a fantastic boss who is flexible with the hours I work.  It’s also a huge advantage that I am living in the future, 7 hours to be exact.. so when the UK are tucked up in bed I get my days work done..

2 weeks ago I was dreadfully unhappy, so much so I told my husband I didn’t want to be here anymore. I didn’t want to tell him as he’s having a ball, he’s found his vocation in life and is building some incredible friendships so it broke my heart telling my best friend that I just wasn’t settling down in this paradise.   But something has happened in the last 2 weeks which has given me a completely new outlook on our life.. I cannot say what the turning point was as I honestly don’t know but what I can say is that I have a calmness and settled feeling now, something I haven’t really felt since we got here.  I had some coaching the week I felt my world was falling apart from my boss, Amanda Brown, where as always, she gets me to focus on what I want and how I would achieve it, so perhaps it was this that gave me clarity and the courage to face what was making me unhappy.

This last week I have spent some quality time with my husband, met new friends, seen old friends, jumped on stage with Fat Boy Slim and lived my life! You know what, I’ve loved every minute of it and am so happy I pushed through the sad stage of this journey as I now know that the future is looking pretty darn rosy..

Who stole my bananas?


My morning routine goes a little like this..

  • Husband up for work at 6.45am doing his very best to be quiet (personally I think a baby elephant would be quieter)
  • I stir in bed anxiously trying to get a few more Z’s but think climbing Everest would be less challenging
  • Husband sees my eyes flicker and starts a full blown important conversation – are you serious?
  • I grunt my reply and turn my back to try to go back to sleep
  • He leaves and I’m wide awake..

This is no bad thing because I need to be up and in my routine.. My routine that consists of coffee, followed by exercise followed by browsing social media sites both personal and Business, followed by move from bed to kitchen/office to sit at my laptop ready for the day’s work.  At that kitchen table I listen to the birds outside, watch the neighbour’s cats chase each other, observe the workmen through the trees banging their tools in unison and do my best to be creative in my paradise.  Sometimes that’s easier said than done as I drift off into a world of my own reminiscing about family and friends and the life we left behind 6 months ago..

I stare at my banana tree and suddenly realise that my bananas are gone.. This is a travesty, there is a banana thief in the vicinity.. Hang on Lisa, you’ve never once plucked a ripe banana from that tree so why am I so concerned?

The point I am trying to make is if something is right under your nose and you do not seize the opportunity then someone else will.. Do I care that the bananas are gone? No, as I don’t really believe they were ever mine.. What I do care about is taking that moment to truly see what is around you.  My life was so hectic before our move that I didn’t see what was right under my nose until it was gone.  I have all the time in the world now so have no excuse not to absorb, appreciate and utilise the opportunities that are presented before me. Don’t get so consumed in your life that you don’t see what is around you, as before you know it, those bananas you never had, will be gone..

Oh.. Hello..

Sorry, I’d nearly forgotten about you in the midst of the fabulous new life we have started.. Next week it will be 3 months since we left the UK, the beautiful thing is we feel like we have been here for ages!!  Gosh, is it only 12 weeks??  They say time flies when you’re having fun, quite the opposite.. time is going slowly and we’re having a ball!  What I didn’t realise is that when you come to Thailand you must get sucked up in to a ‘Thai time’ capsule as everything is soooooo slow…

So, what’s been happening?  We’ve settled well into our new home and absolutely love waking up to the beautiful mountains views each morning.. I tried to ride the scooter but failed miserably so we have parked that for a little while.. Jon’s Business is now formed which is fantastic so he will be working soon (think he’s going a little stir crazy).. The Leading Ladies Company has now launched and our website looks amazing, I feel so proud to be part of something so fabulous… We’ve adopted one of the neighbour’s cats and we both volunteer each week with the Royal Thai Police patrolling Soi Bangla helping those in need..

Life is good.. In fact, life is brilliant.. I cannot believe the stress that has been taken away by the decision to follow our dream.. We visualised our goal and made it happen.. it was that simple.. Yes, we had debts to pay off.. Yes, we sacrificed holidays (anyone who knows me will know how difficult that was for me!).. Yes, we said good bye to our beloved families & friends (who we actually see more of now than we did when we were living our mad crazy bonkers life).. Yes, I had to say goodbye to Starvin Marvin (who has now become the bionic cat after his op).. And Yes, we worked bloody hard to get where we are… It makes me laugh when people say we are lucky – I believe that you make your own luck and with hard work and perseverance it’s paid off and we are very fortunate to be able to make the decision to leave for a better lifestyle..

It’s amazing how little we have gone out and done since settling into our new home, we planned to go the beach at weekends but it has rained everytime we have arranged to do so!  We are so conscious not to let the beautifulness that is now on our doorstep pass us by so we made the effort to get up at 5am last Sunday to watch the sunrise from the Big Buddha.. Me, Jon, Nic & Tom got on our bikes and made our way up the steep, windy road.. Wow.. It was simpy stunning..

Big Bhudda
Beautiful Big Bhudda..
Reservoir Dogs...
Reservoir Dogs…



Stunning sunrise..
Stunning sunrise..

I’m off to Singapore next week for a couple of days so I’m looking forward to seeing another part of the world – this new life malarkey is pretty good ya know…😉