Life ain’t no rehearsal..

Holy Moly.. It’s been a tough few months but I can say there is now light at the end of the tunnel and our ticket is finally booked to leave the UK and place the missing piece into the jigsaw puzzle of our life..

Jon is recovering well from his second knee operation which is good considering he’s my meal ticket when we get to our destination.. I can’t have a broken Scuba Dive Instructor, can I? 🙂

So, what has been happening over the last couple of months..

A few weeks ago we were at a house-warming, chatting to a lovely couple who loved Thailand too, when we told them where we were planning to go, they had been to the same place and were going back in September.. They had contacts for a boutique hotel where they’ve now sorted a fantastic deal out for us and will be there at the same time as Jon and I – ace!  What’s more ace, is that their friend who lives in Bangkok owns a condo where we are going and has offered to rent it out to us – Those guardian angels keep appearing out of nowhere…

After the delay we had with Jon’s poorly knees, we booked our ticket and now land on our 7th wedding anniversary – this wasn’t planned, it’s just turned out that way.. One we will never forget as it’s the day we start our new life..


Book a ticket


Things are also going really well with the new company I’m going to be working with, Leading Ladies – a motivational coaching company, looking to launch in September – Watch this Space!  Amanda the Founder and I had a photo shoot for the website a couple of weeks ago.. thank the Lord I’m not a model!  I’m not down for all that posing malarkey, although the photos may tell a different story..

Really looks like I don't like posing for the camera... :)
Of course I don’t like posing for the camera… 🙂

I’m spending my evenings reading and learning as much as I can for my new role so that when we launch I can be the support mechanism for Amanda and contribute to the success of what is going to be a phenomenal Business.  It’s such an exciting opportunity, at times I think ‘ Can I really do this? ‘.. And then I put the negative thoughts to the back of my head and think..

‘It always seems impossible, until it is done’ – Nelson Mandela

Learning is a Gift

They say time flies when you’re having fun but I can honestly say I’m not sure I can class the time we are spending with friends and family as been fun, what I mean is, there’s that niggling feeling that we are not going to see them for a while which brings frequent tears of sadness and happiness all at the same time.. One minute I’m having a ball, the next I’m bawling.. Not sure I like this emotional roller coaster life has thrown me on.. Please let the next stop be the beach..

We have 32 days to go.. WOW.. Who stole the time?  We had forever to get ready, get organised and say ‘Au Revoir’.. Now I’m like a mad crazy bonkers woman running around trying to arrange all the grown up things like visas, onward flights and bank accounts..

In the coming weeks, we have some lovely times to look forward too, Family BBQ, meals with friends, Big Fat Gay Stag night, Big Fat Gay Wedding and one hell of a crazy party and I feel blessed that I have so many fantastic friends and family who all want to spend some precious time with us before we go and that I literally have no time to think about anything other than the here and now..

Live your life doing the things you want to do, you only get one shot at it..

Couldn't have put it better  myself..
Perfectly written