Across the World in 80 days..

It’s been 27 days since I handed my notice in, feels like an age.. 80 more days to go till we leave the UK in the hope to turn our daydreams into reality..

Love & Happiness..

My sub-conscious seems to have kicked in over the last couple of weeks, I’m noticing little things I perhaps have just taken for granted in the life that I lead.. And have been thinking a lot about our family and friends.. But you know, the world is a small place and even smaller with technology of today.. If everyone dwelled on whether to do something or not, nothing would ever get done!

So we now have a plan.. Starting in Dubai, we will go to see our wonderful friend, Mohammad, for a few days who we met on holiday at Christmas .. Then onto Sri Lanka, the Pearl of the Indian Ocean.. From there we plan to go to Thailand as we follow the dive seasons across the other side of the World..Fabulous.

So happy and relaxed..

So before we get too carried away we still have this crazy, stressful life to live, well for the next 80 days anyway..