Dare to do the seemingly impossible?


Many years ago when I worked in the Retail Sector of my former Company, I’d look forward to our annual conference as it was a fantastic opportunity to see my colleagues and understand our Business strategy for the year ahead. We’d have workshops, team building sessions, a black tie dinner & award ceremony topping the night off with a good old party to celebrate. I remember a particular conference in Brighton like it was yesterday – why? Because that was the year I walked over hot coals..

It was the last session of the day and we had an inspirational speaker whose energy was infectious. When he told 300 Managers we would be going out of the hotel and across the road to the beach to firewalk you could feel the room fill with excitement, apprehension, laughter at disbelief and a little bit of panic. I remember saying to a colleague ‘I’ll give it a go’ but really thinking ‘holy moly, what if I get burnt?’ We were given our brief and marched across the road onto Brighton beach where the scene of fire and hot coals emerged..

Orderly queues were formed and the fun began, as I watched my colleagues ahead of me completing their firewalk, I thought this is something really special as I could see their faces light up with the sheer shock and elation that they had actually done it. It came to my turn and I remember the atmosphere was filled with screams of support, encouragement and people I didn’t even know were shouting my name psyching me up to go for it.. I took a deep breath and set off across the bed of hot coals.. 1.. 2.. 3.. 4.. feet in bucket of cold water and a small bottle of champagne was handed to me to congratulate me on what I had just achieved.. I mean, really? Hot coals? Me?

I can only describe the experience as the ultimate high, adenaline was pumping so hard, just the fierce exhilaration of the challenge.. I called my husband but he couldn’t understand a word I said as I was screaming so much down the phone at what I had just done.. It felt good, no, it felt fantastic! Wow!

I feel proud to say I’ve walked on hot coals – the experience was simply amazing!

The Leading Ladies Company and Ignite Firewalking are holding an event in Manchester on 13 April – dare you do the seemingly impossible?