Think I’ve become a lady of leisure..


Or I’ve just become smarter with age.. You see I still have a job to do, 3 hours a day or if I need a day off I add those hours to the next day as I have a fantastic boss who is flexible with the hours I work.  It’s also a huge advantage that I am living in the future, 7 hours to be exact.. so when the UK are tucked up in bed I get my days work done..

2 weeks ago I was dreadfully unhappy, so much so I told my husband I didn’t want to be here anymore. I didn’t want to tell him as he’s having a ball, he’s found his vocation in life and is building some incredible friendships so it broke my heart telling my best friend that I just wasn’t settling down in this paradise.   But something has happened in the last 2 weeks which has given me a completely new outlook on our life.. I cannot say what the turning point was as I honestly don’t know but what I can say is that I have a calmness and settled feeling now, something I haven’t really felt since we got here.  I had some coaching the week I felt my world was falling apart from my boss, Amanda Brown, where as always, she gets me to focus on what I want and how I would achieve it, so perhaps it was this that gave me clarity and the courage to face what was making me unhappy.

This last week I have spent some quality time with my husband, met new friends, seen old friends, jumped on stage with Fat Boy Slim and lived my life! You know what, I’ve loved every minute of it and am so happy I pushed through the sad stage of this journey as I now know that the future is looking pretty darn rosy..