Guardian Angel

All my life I have believed things happen for a reason and good things happen to good people..

At the very beginning when we were toying with the idea to leave the UK, I was at my exercise class on a dull Saturday morning when I was sharing my plans with Amanda, one of the ladies there – getting very excited at the prospect of going to live in a beautiful sunny place and mapping out our future lives.. Amanda is a life coach, a mentor, a truly inspirational woman who helped give me the motivation to go for our dream by getting me to visualise what a year down the line would look like.. Flights are booked, house is sold, Jon is qualified to be a Dive instructor, waking up to a vision of white sands and crystal clear sea… you get the idea..  So within an hour I was absolutely convinced this is what we would achieve..

After that session I didn’t see Amanda, quite sad as she had given me the inspiration to really go for our dream.. As our plans have come to fruition in what seems like only yesterday we were considering whether to do this or not, I went to bootcamp on a wet and miserable Wednesday 3 weeks ago and Amanda was there – Fabulous, I could tell her our news, where we were up to.. Jon had qualified in diving, house was sold – you get the gist.. Now, us moving abroad is relying on Jon been able to get work in the Scuba Dive industry – in places like Thailand, Dive Instructors are 2 a penny so its a lot of pressure.. it’s been playing on my mind what could I do to supplement our income? Teach?  Yes, I’ll do a TEFL.. Set up my own online Business – Yes but what?  I have some idea what I’d like to do..

So, I’m running round trying to get Amanda up to speed with our plans, after all we had 6 months to catch up on!  I explain my Business idea to Amanda and BANG – there she was, my guardian angel.. Amanda was looking for someone to do the very role I was thinking about setting up as an online Business..  Since that session we’ve met to discuss Amanda’s new venture – exciting!!  And whilst I thought I would be playing a small part I think I have just become part of something exceptionally special and I feel absolutely blessed that this is happening to us..  When someone says to you ‘Do you think you could manage 2-3 hours a day working on a beach?’ I could have been knocked over with a feather.. WOW!

I got a call yesterday from Amanda telling me to get dressed up for Monday’s meeting as I’m going to be filmed and photographed – WTF? Is this really happening? I’m on Cloud 10 at the moment and never want to get off..