2 knee or not 2 knee..

I can’t believe we left our home of 10 years, 4 weeks ago today.. What should have been a celebratory day as a key milestone we had overcome on our journey, it wasn’t a time for celebration as I dropped Jon off at the hospital after breaking his right knee whilst recovering from breaking his left knee… Yes, you got it.. One husband, 2 broken knees..

So like the good wife I am, I kicked him out of the car at the hospital entrance at 7am, rushed back to ‘still our home’ to finalise the packing so that I could be at Jon’s bedside when he came out of the operating theatre in a few hours time.. As we are leaving the UK we had, or thought we had, been whittling down our belongings – who needs ski’s and snowboards in Thailand?  Golf clubs? No more golf for Jon, broken knees – remember?  I couldn’t believe the amount of stuff that was still left after the van load and 4 car journeys we had done in the week to my parents house, which was to be our new home for the coming months..

After the keys were dropped at the Estate Agents and I had a wobbly moment, I rushed to the hospital to get to Jon who had just come out of theatre.. Now I knew straight away it couldn’t have been the same operation as his left knee, firstly he was off his rocker on morphine and secondly Jon is pretty hard, so to have morphine in the first place I knew he must have been in incredible pain.. Why?  The surgeon had made the decision to mend the tear in his knee and not remove the cartilege as he’d done with the left knee.  Great, he’d preserved what he could.. The not so great was Jon’s recovery had just gone from 6 weeks to 15 weeks and what broke my heart wasn’t the delay that was now inevitable but the text message I received off my husband apologising the moment he had come out of surgery and found out the news.. I think I went into a little bit of shock, everything had been moving along brilliantly and I was even looking to finalise our journey and book flights for our first couple of destinations once Jon had been operated on.


I think I’ve been in mourning for the last 4 weeks as I had envisioned we would be starting our new life in July, it never occurred to either of us that things would be delayed.. I had mentally prepared for the change in our lives and then for us to have to wait has been a bitter pill to swallow.. But you know everything happens for a reason so I’ve had a word with myself, stopped moping about (I think!), asked work if I can stay for a couple more months and am just focussing on getting my husband better for our lifetime adventure..





4 thoughts on “2 knee or not 2 knee..

  1. Just found your blog through a comment you left on mine. Sounds like you have a great adventure planned! I am impressed with all you’ve done to get ready- an inspiration! Keep your chin up…I know it will work out for you because of your mind space. Attitude is everything!


    1. Hi Dexter, yes the plan is to leave for good! Our house is sold. Thank you for taking the time to visit 😉


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