Back to school at 40..

Back to School

So tomorrow I go back to school.. Words I thought I would never utter in my life again after leaving 20 years go.. Thinking about it though, isn’t life just one big classroom of school? Afterall, every day is a school day isn’t it?  Where we learn something new each day…  I love learning, I have a hunger for knowledge but I suppose the main difference is that this learning is in my own time, my own choice from the comfort of my home, the beach, swimming in the sea.. The school I’m talking about is the real deal, physically sitting in a classroom with strangers, just like going back in time but with a whole new plethora of experience and skills..  I’m excited and a little apprehensive.  I’m learning Thai which is fantastic since I’m living in Thailand but kind of remember my inability to pick up a foreign language when I was in school the first time around..

I’ve been visualising the classes, what to expect and hope that my eagerness to learn will stand me in good stead – having been here for nearly 9 months I’m slightly embarrassed that I only know a handful of words and couldn’t hold a conversation outside of ‘how are you?’ What has helped my focus is a set of success steps that I apply to any situation, the LIPSTICK Principles from The Leading Ladies Company – this strategy allows me to segregate and apply the relevant principle, setting out my goal in a clear and concise manner.  The principle I apply here is No 6 ‘Invite Others In’ because if I didn’t I’d struggle to achieve my goal of learning Thai.. I need the support of others to be successful, thrive in this new challenge and when you invite others in, a whole new outlook appears.. People wanting you to be successful, to win, to achieve, to be happy.. You are held accountable for the goal you want to make happen – if you told no one what you were planning would you really put all your time, effort and focus into it?  Having a network of supporters gives you the confidence and courage to go on, even when you think you are treading water (trust me it works, I apply this to my learning to ride a scooter!)  The days when you feel you are just not ‘getting’ it to confide in your supporters helps tremendously – imagine carrying the pressure of it all by yourself?  That’s just a recipe for giving up and that would just make you unhappy!

I’ll keep you posted on my lessons, I know this will be a challenge which I am ready to face head on and now I have invited all of you in I have no excuse but to grab it with both hands and make it happen!


Khun Lisa. xx